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Cost-effective comprehensive service.

As each site is unique each quote will be tailored to your requirements and budget. By keeping overheads low I can provide reduced prices for an excellent product. Each quote will be itemized for transparent pricing and services. to find out more about my services you can view my Website development page.


Endless options with WordPress

The versatility of WordPress gives you the ability to develop secure sites for any purpose. To find out more about WordPress you can visit

With thousands of options to choose from, many of them free, WordPress can help us create a site that suits your specific purposes. Our job is to choose and integrate them to create the best possible website for your business.

Gilmour Website Designs also customises the site style, structure and design to meet our clients and users’ needs.


Graphics and Concept Design

In designing websites Graphics Design concepts are the key. A visually appealing site with well-spaced content and plenty of images will attract and keep the interest of site users.

Gilmour Website Designs can:

  • Create or modify a logo or branding and provide different options for you to choose from
  • Modify images needed using Photoshop to ensure they are web compliant and seen in the best possible way
  • Choose a colour scheme and style that suits your business and makes it stand out from the crowd
  • Organise content on the page to ensure it is comfortable on the eye and easy to read

Flexibility to work to your Timeframe

As the business owner and operator, Lois is free to work flexible hours and consult when it suits you.

In prioritising support, maintenance, and development projects, Lois works to fit into the timeline of her clients. If there is a critical issue or you are unable to consult within regular work hours, Lois can accommodate your schedule and needs.

In working from home I’m able to be more productive when you need it the most.


Consultation Support and Maintenance

Each project will go through our process of consultation, testing, review, approval, support, and maintenance or training options.

In developing a clear brief for the project, you can outline what you have to have, what you could have, and what would be nice, site options are explored, and a report developed. This will let you clearly know what to expect when it can be completed and how it will be achieved.


Safe and Secure sites

Scalable and appropriate security options are included in every WordPress site. A project’s security requirements and options are explored within the consultation and implemented straight away. From SSL to payment gateways, security is essential for the safety of the business and the end-user.

With ongoing maintenance support, security features are regularly monitored and maintained. You are welcome to contact me with any security questions you have.


Keeping Attention on your site

User experience is key to hold our customers’ attention for as long as possible, this is becoming harder in a digitally saturated world according to research from Time above. GWD’s solution to this is to

  • design dynamic sites, that capture the attention of users.
  • Organise and prioritise content with clear and easy to read headings.
  • Add appropriate images that represent the content and attract attention to the content.
  • Add appropriate white space to break up content into manageable bytes.

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